CD & DVD Labels

CD labels are one of Shop 4 labels most popular product lines. The self-adhesive CD and DVD labels you will find on our website are available in standard plain white paper materials suitable for laser, inkjet or copier printing. They are also available in both semi gloss and high gloss white paper materials which give a highly professional look when printed on via any laser or inkjet printers.

CD Labels For Printing & DVD Stickers

Our glossy inkjet CD labels are another popular option and these are available with a choice of adhesives including permanent and removable backings. As the UK's leading choice for bespoke label manufacturing, we also offer CD and DVD labels in a choice of 15 off-the-shelf colours - alongside Day-Glo and fluorescent coloured labels and Gold or Silver metallic label products which are suitable for laser and copier printing. If you are looking for a specific colour that you cannot find on our website, then you can rest assured that we can supply a precise match using the very latest colour washing equipment.

Although the vast majority of our customers prefer our CD label products with a permanent adhesive, our low tack, easy peel adhesive labels are also popular as they can easily be removed and replaced at a future date without damaging the disc or leaving any residue behind.

Suitable for labelling music demos, CD-ROMs and DVD backups, these high quality labels are also available in a spill resistant, water proof option. If you are looking to cover an existing image on a blank CD or DVD, then why not try our opaque or block out paper printable CD and DVD stickers. These will hide any print on the upper side of a CD or DVD.

When ordering CD or DVD labels from our website, you have the choice of two different layouts and an extensive range of materials to choose from. Simply select the layout and finish you require, along with the quantity, and we will despatch your order almost immediately.

If you need any help or advice when ordering any CD or DVD labelling products then please get in touch with a member of our sales team so we can point you in the right direction.