Circular & Oval Labels

Our circular labels and round stickers are one of the most popular products in our A4 label range. Highly affordable yet manufactured to exceptional standards, these superior Avery equivalent stickers and labels are easy to print on using any desktop inkjet or laser compatible printer and are supplied with a PDF template that is freely downloadable from our website. We also offer a fool proof user guide so that you can create your own template for printing round sticky labels in Microsoft Word and similar software packages without any trouble.

Circular Stickers & Round/Oval Labels

The full choice of circular labels spans we manufacture and supply ranges from 13mm in diameter through to 139mm in diameter - with a vast array of intermediate sizes. In addition to supplying plain white round stickers and circular labels, we also offer coloured stickers, which are available off-the-shelf for immediate despatch - or custom matched to any pantone reference you require for your home or business label printing needs. In addition to our standard choice of colours, we also offer metallic labels in Gold and Silver. Additional products include clear or frosted labels - and a dazzling selection of high impact fluorescent coloured labels that are guaranteed to attract the attention of your customers!

Circular Labels with a Choice of Adhesives

If you are looking to purchase affordable circular stickers for item pricing and point of sales labelling, then our easy peel, low tack self-adhesive labels are the perfect choice! Suitable for labelling literature, glassware and other items that may easily be damaged by stickers that are backed with glues that are more permanent, these easily removable labels can be peeled away from a glass and paper products without leaving any unwanted residue and without tearing more sensitive goods such as book covers.

Round Sticky Labels - Available in a Full Range of Options

In addition to our impressive range of attractively coloured round stickers we also offer Gold and Silver metallic circular labels which are appropriate for those extra special applications such as sealing wedding invitations. Our gold and silver circular labels and stickers can also be easily printed using any inkjet or laser printer.

Clear round sealing labels are another popular product line in our round sticky labels range which provide a special finish that is also printer friendly. Other items in the same range include our gloss finish inkjet labels and our polyester range of labels that are weather and waterproof - making them suitable for labelling products that are to be stored outdoors.

Oval Labels

The oval stickers and labels are supplied on A4 sheets and die cut for superior performance. This means that the stickers and labels themselves are presented on the sheets individually without ever being in direct contact with each other. You are also able to fill the labels in their entirety with your desired print, with no need to restrict your design by having the white background showing through.

Suitable for use in the commercial print industry, where litho printing is often involved, the oval labels are laid out on the sheet in such a way that suits this type of technology perfectly.

As well as supplying high quality blank circular and oval labels and stickers on A4 sheets for your total convenience, we also provide a bespoke printing service that is priced competitively whilst offering an exceptionally fast turnaround.

Whatever your needs, Shop 4 Labels are here to help. Simply call our team and let us do our best to fulfil all of your requirements.