PCL Labels

PCL Labels are a patented range of multipurpose A4 labels that Shop 4 Labels are able to supply at the lowest prices and in any required quantity. The PCL labels we provide are manufactured to a very high standard, using the best available materials. The superior quality label material we use gives our PCL labels the upper edge in high speed laser printing. They are also suitable for other printing methods such as digital photocopier, inkjet and litho printing. Ideal for printing large runs of self adhesive address labels, they are also appropriate for the small office user.

A4 Sheets of Blank PCL Labels

Our extensive range of PCL labels also allow for print bleed meaning that the individual labels are not butted up against each other. The benefit of this is that when you are printing PCL labels at home, you can ensure that your print runs completely to the edge of every single label. The commercial print industry also finds this design highly desirable, as it gives the user the ability to produce the same high quality results with litho printer technology. The end result is a collection of high quality PCL labels that are still on their A4 sheets with the stickers completely covered in print. For the commercial print industry we also offer the PCL labels on A3 and also SRA3 sheet sizes.

PCL Sticky Labels on A4 Sheets with Free Printer Templates

Each A4 label sheet that is listed on our website has a convenient download link that is positioned next to the product itself. Alternatively if you are printing your PCL labels via Microsoft word or a similar application, we also provide a step by step guide that will enable you to print sticky labels in perfect quality from your chosen software.

We currently offer PCL labels in a huge range of finishes, with a choice of different adhesives and several different colours. The standard range consists of 11 stock material colours which are available directly off the shelf. These coloured labels can be supplied backed with permanent / extra permanent adhesive or an easy peel, low tack adhesive. Our removable labels are ideal for printing out price and special offer stickers which can be used on items such as books as glassware. Once applied to a product, they can easily be removed at a later date without leaving any sticky residue behind.

PCL labels can be supplied in a full choice of materials including matt white polyester, coloured polyethylene and gloss clear polyester materials. These products are suitable for high speed laser printing and they can also be used for producing superior quality, easily affordable water proof and weather proof labels.