Square Labels

The original and some might say the best, high-quality square labels have an infinite range of potential applications. Universal, versatile and so easy to work with, Shop 4 Labels is proud to offer the market’s largest catalogue of square labels to suit all purposes.

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What sets us apart from rival operators is our commitment to total flexibility, customer care and product quality. We specialise in the kinds of bespoke stickers and solutions that work in accordance with your needs – not the other way around!

Whether it’s labelling spice jars at home, pricing-up your merchandise or running off thousands of copies of your own DIY-printed product labels, simple square labels cover all bases. Standing out from the crowd means taking things a step further from the norm, which is why our collection also includes every shape, size, colour and specification imaginable. From the subtle and understated to the loudest and proudest labels on the market, Shop 4 Labels has you covered!

Along with an extensive range of colours, shapes and sizes, we also offer square labels in a selection of high-quality materials. What’s more, we can create your perfect stickers with the ideal adhesive strength for whatever purpose you have in mind. From aggressive permanent adhesion to easy-peel stickers for more delicate surfaces, we’ll provide the perfect labels for your products and your business.

All labels across our collection can be ordered blank for DIY printing and finishing. However, we also offer a professional design and printing service if you’d prefer to receive your labels polished-off and ready to use. But if you need a little inspiration or help in producing the ideal stickers for your business, you know who to call!

If you don’t see the specification you need, please get in touch as we have far too many varieties to list in full on our website. Simply get in touch with the Shop 4 Labels team with your requirements, or for a little further inspiration if needed!