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Avery Labels

avery labels Avery Equivalent, (Round Cornered)


Label Size: 199.6mm x 289.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7167 / J8167


Label Size: 199.6mm x 143.5 mm
Avery Ref: L7168 / J8168


Label Size: 99.1mm x 139 mm
Avery Ref: L7169 / J819


Label Size: 99.1mm x 93.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7166 / J166


Label Size: 99.1mm x 67.7 mm
Avery Ref: L7165 / J8165


Label Size: 99.1mm x 57.3 mm
Avery Ref: L7173 / J8173


Label Size: 63.5mm x 72 mm
Avery Ref: L7164 / J8164


Label Size: 99.1mm x 38.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7173 / J8163


Label Size: 99.1mm x 33.9 mm
Avery Ref: L7162 / J8162


Label Size: 63.5mm x 46.6 mm
Avery Ref: L7161 / J8161


Label Size: 63.5mm x 38.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7160 / J8160


Label Size: 63.5x33.9
Avery Ref: L7159 / J8159


Label Size: 48.9x29.6


Label Size: 45.7x25.5
Avery Ref: L7654 / J8654


Label Size: 38.1mm x 21.2 mm
Avery Ref: L7651 / J8651


Label Size: 46x11.1
Avery Ref: L7656 / J8656

Our A4 Adhesive Label products are the same size format as the Avery product references (Eg L7160 or J8160) shown on the Avery equivalent section of this site. These product references are universally used due to them being size formats that are found globally on the Internet and also in most common software packages. We list the product references along with our own code for your easy cross referencing with your particular software. Avery and Avery product references are trade marks of the Avery Dennison Group. products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Group. They are our equivalent in shape and size format.

Avery Stickers (Round Cornered Labels)

Shop 4 Labels are the UK's leading supplier of high quality, Avery equivalent label products. We currently stock a vast range of competitively priced Avery compatible labels and stickers including A4 sheets of round cornered address labels and plain white, square cornered die cut stickers.

When searching for Avery style labels and stickers on our website, you simply need to enter the relevant Avery label code. For example, if you search for the Avery code number J8160 or L7160, you will find the resulting Avery-equivalent sticker sheet product containing 21 labels per page as listed on the official Avery website. Another example would be the J8163 or L7163 code - which is used to identify Avery's 14 labels per page A4 sticker sheets.

Of course, we offer many more Avery equivalent products covering all of their most popular layouts and sticker sizes. As with all our self-adhesive stickers, the labels themselves are compatible with all modern printers ranging from small desktop inkjets, through to large-scale commercial photocopiers, litho printers and laser products.

To make life easier for our customers, we also provide freely downloadable templates that can be used with all major office software products for trouble free printing.

Affordable Avery Equivalent Stickers for All

Before placing an order, it is important to realize that our Avery label products are not actual branded Avery labels. Instead, we manufacture the labels ourselves to the same high standards and they are supplied in perfectly matching, industry standard sizes for total compatibility. Our Avery labels and stickers are readily available in the highly popular, plain white paper material finish - with a choice of permanent adhesive or an easily removable, low-tack adhesive that leaves no residue behind once a label is peeled away from a product.

If you are looking for coloured labels, then we stock a full range of off-the-shelf colours including our best-selling Gold and Silver metallic range of stickers. Any colours that are not directly available from our website can easily be recreated by means of our colour wash facility. You simply need to supply the pantone reference and our team will match the products precisely with the colour you want. Again, you are also free to choose the type of adhesive you require for your added convenience.

Clear and Semi-Transparent Avery Labels and Stickers

In addition to our huge choice of plain and coloured Avery stickers and labels, we also manufacture clear and frosted labels that are made from waterproof plastic materials. These high quality polyester labels are completely weatherproof - particularly when combined with our deep freeze adhesive - and they are suitable for labelling products which are to be stored outdoors in a cold and wet environment. These premium quality labels are printer friendly and they can be supplied in the full range of Avery equivalent sizes and styles.

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