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Avery Labels

avery labels Avery Equivalent, (Round Cornered)


Label Size: 199.6mm x 289.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7167 / J8167


Label Size: 199.6mm x 143.5 mm
Avery Ref: L7168 / J8168


Label Size: 99.1mm x 139 mm
Avery Ref: L7169 / J819


Label Size: 99.1mm x 93.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7166 / J166


Label Size: 99.1mm x 67.7 mm
Avery Ref: L7165 / J8165


Label Size: 99.1mm x 57.3 mm
Avery Ref: L7173 / J8173


Label Size: 63.5mm x 72 mm
Avery Ref: L7164 / J8164


Label Size: 99.1mm x 38.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7173 / J8163


Label Size: 99.1mm x 33.9 mm
Avery Ref: L7162 / J8162


Label Size: 63.5mm x 46.6 mm
Avery Ref: L7161 / J8161


Label Size: 63.5mm x 38.1 mm
Avery Ref: L7160 / J8160


Label Size: 63.5x33.9
Avery Ref: L7159 / J8159


Label Size: 48.9x29.6


Label Size: 45.7x25.5
Avery Ref: L7654 / J8654


Label Size: 38.1mm x 21.2 mm
Avery Ref: L7651 / J8651


Label Size: 46x11.1
Avery Ref: L7656 / J8656

Our A4 Adhesive Label products are the same size format as the Avery product references (Eg L7160 or J8160) shown on the Avery equivalent section of this site. These product references are universally used due to them being size formats that are found globally on the Internet and also in most common software packages. We list the product references along with our own code for your easy cross referencing with your particular software. Avery and Avery product references are trade marks of the Avery Dennison Group. products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Group. They are our equivalent in shape and size format.

Avery Stickers (Round Cornered Labels)

Shop 4 labels offer a wide and extensive A4 labels range of Avery labels equivalent sizes. We offer all of the popular office type Avery labels such as the round cornered, die cut address labels, for example the extensively used 21 labels per page labels that carries the Avery labels code J8160 or L7160, this is commonly used as an address label. The Avery 14 label per page is also used as address labels of which Shop 4 labels offers an equivalent to the J8163 / L7163. There are many more Avery stickers and equivalent A4 labels on offer in all of the various sizes and layouts. It will be useful for you to know that these equivalent Avery labels can be printed on either Laser or inkjet printers or photo copiers.

Our Avery labels products are not branded Avery labels. They are our own make, however the sizes are industry standard and do offer the matching measurements. These equivalent types of Avery labels and stickers are obtainable in the standard plain white paper labels material with a permanent adhesive or with a low tack labels option. If its a coloured Avery labels equivalent you require then we hold material coloured stocks of up to 10 plus colours and also gold and silver metallic Avery stickers and A4 labels as well, don't worry if your required colour is not included in this A4 Avery corresponding range as at Shop 4 Labels we can colourwash Avery labels and tone with any pantone reference or shades you require your labels to be! Again, this scope of Avery label equivalents is offered in both a permanent and a removable, low tack adhesive.

Clear Avery labels equivalents are an extremely widely used section of our product array, whether it is a perfectly clear label or frosted labels that are fit for both laser and inkjet printing you require, we have most Avery labels equivalent formats available in clear and from stock. As well as the clear A4 labels we manufacture, we also make water proof or weather proof Avery stickers, we offer all of the Avery labels equivalent product range in both these materials too and both are suitable for laser printing, these weather proof labels are tested for 2 months in very wet marine conditions and stand up to the job perfectly.

If you cannot see the style of A4 Avery labels you are considering here then please call us, we have every confidence that we will have a cutter in stock to produce your required label size! All our Avery labels and stickers are off the shelf stock items and can be with you the very next day. Buy our cheap, low cost hassle free Avery labels when ordering direct from

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