Coloured Labels

Shop 4 Labels is the internet's leading choice for low cost, superior quality coloured labels and stickers and we have one of the largest selections that you will find anywhere online! Whether you are looking to invest in the latest range of coloured stickers for point of sale purposes, or you are in search of an affordable range of self-adhesive colour labels to help coordinate your stock rotation system, we can fulfil all of your needs and requirements with an ultra quick turnaround.

Coloured Sticky Labels - Great Choice Of Colour Labels

With no fewer than 11 basic label colours to choose from - including yellow, blue, green, red, magenta, pink, cream, black, purple and orange -  we also offer an additional choice of metallic labels which are supplied on A4 sheets including Gold and Silver. If you are ordering colour labels or stickers from our existing choice of colours then we can despatch your requested items almost immediately. However, if there is a particular colour that you want us to match or create on your behalf - then we can achieve the results you require using our on-site colour washing facility from the unique pantone reference code you provide.

As well as conventional colours and our metallic selection, we also offer fluorescent coloured sticky labels that are available for immediate despatch. Our Day-Glo or iridescent range of colour labels and stickers are available in red, green, blue, and yellow and orange. These eye-catching coloured stickers are the perfect choice for labelling products that need to be identified quickly and easily. We also stock a range of clear and semi-transparent stickers and labels depending on your requirements.

Coloured Stickers on A4 Sheets

Once you have selected the label arrangement (number of coloured labels per page) from the above selection, you can then select the colour you require using the drop down 'select your label type' menu option. You can then select the quantity and proceed to the checkout - enabling us to despatch your order for next day delivery.

At Shop 4 Labels, we can supply all of our products in any colour or finish you desire. As well as being able to choose the shape, style and colour of your labels and stickers, you also have a choice of adhesives ranging from low tack, easily removable stickers through to permanent and deep freeze adhesives. Our low tack coloured labels and stickers are suitable for labelling delicate items such as books, ornaments and double glazed products which are displayed on sale - as the labels themselves can easily be removed once an item has been sold without damaging the original product or leaving any unwanted residue behind.

Our coloured labels can also be completely weatherproof and waterproof which means they can be used for labelling products that are to be stored outdoors in harsh weather conditions by using a polyester finish. If you have any questions concerning our coloured sticker and label products - or you would like to find out more about our colour matching service - please get in touch with one of our label experts who will be glad to assist with your enquiry.

Printer Friendly Fluorescent Labels

As well as being popular a choice for those seeking to promote items on special offer, our brightly coloured , high impact fluorescent labels are also ideal for highlighting the importance of a particular product. They also have a dramatic impact in a logistical setting as they enable members of staff to identify different goods with a single glance - which is especially useful in terms of speeding things up in a Goods In / Goods Out department. The labels themselves are printer friendly and can be used at high speeds with any modern laser printers.

Gold and Silver Stickers and Labels

Appropriate for address labels and other mail out purposes, these high quality gold and silver adhesive labels are appropriate for use on Christmas cards, birthday greetings and wedding invitations.

As well as providing blank labels that you can print on yourself, we also offer a fully inclusive, bespoke label printing service that we can supply at a fraction of a cost of any labels provided by our competitors.

Our gold and silver labels are supplied in A4 sheet format for unrivalled ease of use and once you have selected the size and type of label you require, you can then select your choice of Gold, Silver or Bronze and we will then process your order with a fast and efficient turnaround.