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Here at Shop 4 Labels, we don’t believe in compromising on quality when it comes to essential everyday consumables. Unlike others, we pay more than just a token ‘nod’ to continuous computer labels and other dot matrix printing supplies. We know that for thousands of businesses, these are the kinds of simple office supplies that can make all the difference.

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Performance, reliability, quality and value for money – all of the utmost importance when shopping for continuous computer labels.

For the best 4-wide labels and stickers on the market for dot matrix printers, Shop 4 Labels has you covered!

What makes Shop 4 Labels different is our total commitment to product quality, customer service and outstanding value for money. This commitment extends to our 4-wide continuous computer stickers and labels, just as it does to every other product from across our collection. We take pride in remaining as flexible, affordable and innovative as possible, when it comes to the labels and stickers we provide. Which is why our continuous computer labels can be ordered in just about every shape, finish, size and general specification imaginable.

Whatever it takes to suit the needs of your business flawlessly, you can trust Shop 4 Labels to deliver!

Once again, our full product collection is too large and varied to be featured in detail on our website. So if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for right here, simply get in touch with the Shop 4 Labels customer service team to discuss your requirements. For the total package of superior performance, unbeatable value for money and reliable customer commitment, Shop 4 Labels has you covered!

4 Wide Sizes Range - vertically spaced by 1/10 of an inch between each of the labels:

Product CodeSize (mm)Size (inches)Labels per Box
4W6324T63 x 242 1/2 x 15/1624,000
4W7036T70 x 362 3/4 x 1 7/1616,000
4W7624T76 x 243 x 15/1624,000
4W7636T76 x 363 x 1 7/1616,000
4W8124T81 x 243 1/5 x 15/1624,000
4W8136T81 x 363 1/5 x 1 7/1616,000
4W8149T81 x 493 1/5 x 1 15/1612,000

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