Freezer Labels

Our standard range of labels and stickers, backed with a permanent adhesive, can typically withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. However, if the temperature gets lower than this then the labels can sometimes curl up as the adhesive backing freezes up and begins to lose its grip.

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There are some instances where deep freeze refrigeration firms use cold storage facilities with temperatures as low as minus forty degrees and in these situations, our standard self-adhesive stickers and labels may not be suitable.

We also supply freezer labels to chemists and various NHS departments who use them on a routine basis for labelling medical samples which need to be stored in extremely cold temperatures and this is an area where performance and reliability are critical. The vast majority of deep freeze labels we supply are in a plain white or clear format, although we also offer a full range of coloured stickers backed with deep freeze adhesive that you can use for colour-coded storage.

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