Glass Easy Peel Labels

Sticky labels and glass have always been something of a mismatch. While it’s not uncommon to find glass labels that offer strong and reliable adhesion, removing them can be a different story entirely. From brand logos to pricing stickers to warnings to general information, sticky labels can cause all manner of problems with glass. Which is something you will probably know all too well if you’ve ever had the misfortune to try and remove a glass label that simply doesn’t want to shift!

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Easy Peel Glass Labels, Suitable For Product Labelling

But while glass and sticky labels may have had something of a turbulent history, technology has come a long way over recent years. Here at Shop 4 Labels, we specialise in the kinds of advanced glass labels that not only get the job done beautifully, but guarantee the easiest removal process when required. No sticky residue, no bits of paper left behind and no spending hours on end trying to remove the final remnants of the sticker, without damaging the glass. When you buy glass labels from Shop 4 Labels, you buy the total package of performance, convenience and unrivalled value for money.

Having worked closely with the glass industry for many years, Shop 4 Labels has devised an extensive range of static cling labels and other sticky labels, specifically for use with glass products. We use the most outstanding and reliable materials available, coupled with cutting-edge adhesive technology in every sticker we produce. Which means that while our stickers and static cling labels can be fixed in place with outstanding security, they peel off smoothly, simply and completely when no longer required.

As with most of our core product collections, we offer blank glass labels in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and specifications on A4 sheets for DIY printing. Designed to be compatible with most modern printers, we make it easy for your business to create the reliable and convenient glass-friendly stickers you need.

Shop 4 Labels offers several different types of glass labels, which include low-tack labels, super-peel labels, glass easy-peel labels and static-cling labels. In all instances, both the materials and the adhesive technology used combine to create reliable and robust glass labels that won’t leave a mess behind when removed. If unsure as to which of these label types represents the best choice for your business, simply get in touch with the Shop 4 Labels customer service team to discuss the options available.

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