Gloss Labels

Gloss labels are more often linked to inkjet printing due to historic colour printing options being far cheaper using inkjet printers. However over a number of years now colour laser printers have reduced in price dramatically and sometimes are as cheap to buy as inkjet printers. Therefore in addition to the inkjet range of glossy adhesive stickers we also have a full compliment of gloss labels for laser and inkjet printing, giving the same quality shiny label finish and a full colour printing laser option.

Photo Quality Glossy Inkjet & Laser Labels

A4 sheets of laser or Inkjet compatible gloss stickers and labels are highly popular for enhanced product labelling and they are available in either a semi-gloss or a full gloss white finish. Perfect for affordable Inkjet and laser printing purposes, these glossy self-adhesive labels and stickers are produced using an Ultra Photo Quality Gloss material. They are supplied in Avery and PCL formats and suitable for use as high quality address labels.

Gloss labels are especially popular for the reproduction of high quality images and the result exhibits a shiny finish that gives the printed image or lettering a visually striking result.

Often referred to as Glossy Labels, this product range has become increasingly popular over the last few years and the recent improvements in home and office printing technology have enabled our customers to achieve outstanding results when using these self-adhesive stickers for personal and business needs.

As well as supplying blank glossy stickers on A4 Avery sheets, we also provide a bespoke label printing service - offering an ultra fast turnaround with competitive pricing.

Choose From a Huge Selection of Self-Adhesive Gloss Labels and Stickers

The gloss inkjet label portfolio at Shop 4 Labels is exceptionally vast! In addition to our standard range of gloss stickers and labels, our extensive product range also includes a wide choice of clear and frosted polyester labels that are supplied with an assorted range of adhesives - appropriate for different applications. Popular options include permanent, extra permanent, easily removable and deep freeze adhesives

The great thing about gloss labels for laser printing is that the print on the finished label is waterproof, unlike inkjet ink which is literally sprayed on to the label. This ink dries instantly but does still remain sat on the label face, should that ink then come into contact with any moisture or water, it will run and smudge. Laser printing works differently, the print is actually fused onto the label surface via heat, therefore making the print none smudge and waterproof, giving a great way to print quality looking glossy labels

Should you require any further clarification on gloss labels please do not think twice about contacting our team by phone or email.