Opaque / Block Out Labels

Shop 4 Labels is proud to offer a market leading collection of opaque labels and blockout labels for all purposes. Committed to the highest quality standards and unrivalled value for money, we guarantee the total package of products you can rely on and prices you can afford. Not to mention, the promise of our dedicated customer support service at all times.

Opaque Labels & Block Out Labels, Ideal for Covering up!

Opaque labels are specially designed for use when changes need to be made to printed information of any kind. The most common application of blockout labels is for the convenient and cost-effective correction of mistakes. For example, it could be that the wrong information has been printed and applied to a parcel, included in a brochure or perhaps even attached in the form of stickers to many thousands of products. Rather than starting again from scratch, opaque labels provide the perfect alternative solution.

Unlike standard stickers and labels, the adhesive layer on a blockout label is either dark blue or black. Which in turn means that when the label is applied, the information beneath is completely hidden and will not show through the new layer. The surface of the blockout label can be printed with the correct information, or simply left plain so as to effectively ‘remove’ the incorrect information beneath. For obvious reasons, the use of blockout labels therefore represents a far more cost-effective option than taking the whole thing back to the drawing board.

Another common and highly economical use for opaque labels is in the reuse and repurposing of previously used boxes, packaging and materials in general. For example, if a box used to receive goods is still in good condition, blockout labels can be used to cover and alter the address and personal information featured on the box. Instead of using new packaging each time a shipment must be made, it is often possible to simply use these versatile labels to repurpose previously used packaging materials.

As always, Shop 4 Labels is proud to offer a comprehensive collection of opaque / blockout labels in every shape, size and specification imaginable. To make the design and printing processes as easy and convenient as possible for your business, we even offer a range of simplified user guides and PDF templates. Whether looking for bold and bright labels with your choice of full colour custom design or completely blank stickers, Shop 4 Labels has you covered.

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