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Oval Labels And Stickers

oval labels Oval Labels


Label Size: 90x136 OVAL


Label Size: 70x90 OVAL


Label Size: 60x49 OVAL


Label Size: 47x64 OVAL


Label Size: 50x37 OVAL


Label Size: 40x30 OVAL


Label Size: 40x20 OVAL


Label Size: 25x12 OVAL


Label Size: 16x12 OVAL

Self Adhesive Labels In An Oval Shape

Although circular labels and stickers are often the most popular choice, oval labels provide a little added extra in terms of width and performance. Often used for sealing envelopes and small packaging items, oval labels can be used to provide additional product information and they are visually attractive.

The oval stickers and labels are supplied on A4 sheets and die cut for superior performance. This means that the stickers and labels themselves are presented on the sheets individually without ever being in direct contact with each other. You are also able to fill the labels in their entirety with your desired print, with no need to restrict your design by having the white background showing through.

Suitable for use in the commercial print industry, where litho printing is often involved, the oval labels are laid out on the sheet in such a way that suits this type of technology perfectly.

Our Self-Adhesive Oval Labels & Stickers Are Printer Friendly

To make life easier, our A4 oval sticker sheets come with a convenient printer template, which offers the complete freedom to structure the content you wish to print onto your labels with minimal effort. The template for our oval labels is available for download directly from our site and if you need any help using it then we are always available to assist.

In addition to self-printable oval labels, we also provide a high quality custom printing service. Our pre-printed labels and stickers offer complete flexibility. We are able to supply these items in a huge range of colourful styles and design options that will ensure your products stand out from the competition.

As well as supplying plain white oval labels and stickers, we also stock a full choice of highly attractive coloured labels.

If you have any questions concerning our self-adhesive labels and stickers, please feel free to contact us.

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