Removable Labels

Here at Shop 4 Labels, we are able to supply a complete range of easily removable labels and stickers, which have been carefully designed so that they will leave no trace of residue once they have been peeled off from a product. The main benefit of our low tack label and sticker products is that they can be used for labelling books and items of glassware without ruining the article in question when the sticker is eventually removed.

Low Tack Labels & Stickers That Are Peelable

Our easily removable stickers and labels are suitable for use on all manner of products including expensive gifts and other valuable items, which you do not want to ruin by means of labelling, by using stickers that are backed with a strong or permanent adhesive. Low tack labels and stickers can be used on book covers, LP sleeves, souvenir cups and plates, decorative glass products, lamps and mirrors. Once the sticker has been applied, it will still stay fixed securely in place for as long as needs be. However, when the person buying the item or gift wants to remove the label - particularly if it's a price or special offer label - they can simply peel the sticker off with the minimum of fuss and there will be no adhesive or glue left behind whatsoever. The product will also remain completely undamaged.

Easily Removable Glass Labels & Stickers for Double Glazed Products

If you work in the double glazing industry and you are looking for a reliable labelling product that is easy to remove without the need for detergents and other messy solutions, then Shop 4 Labels are here to help! Our low tack self-adhesive stickers are perfect for labelling smooth glass surfaces and they can easily be removed without leaving even the slightest hint or trace of residue behind on the labelled product.

The easily peelable labels and stickers that we manufacture are supplied on convenient A4 backing sheets in an extensive choice of shapes and sizes - including a full range of Avery equivalent sticker and label products that you can search for using original Avery codes. Our low tack labels are available in a choice of a wide choice of finishes including coloured vinyl and polyester stickers that are easy to print on and completely weatherproof.

If you have any questions regarding any of the labels and stickers featured on this website, then please get in touch with one of our experts who will be more than happy to assist you further.