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If you already use thermal printing technology in the workplace, you’ll know how convenient and cost-effective it can be. If not, it might be time to take your printing technology to the next level! Often referred to as thermal foil, thermal ribbons create the required design or text on the print media by way of heat transfer. The print head within the thermal printer presses on the ribbon, applying sufficient heat in the required pattern to create the required design on the surface of the media. There are various different types of thermal ribbons available, though the basic principles behind their functionality remain the same.

That said, there are significant differences in quality from one ribbon to the next. For example, the quality of the materials and capability of the technology used to create any thermal ribbon will have a marked impact on its capabilities. Likewise, wax ribbons are the most economical variants available, though do not produce the longest lasting finish. By contrast, resin ribbons cost more to purchase in the first place, though produce immaculate results that are extremely durable and almost entirely scratch-proof.

Exactly which type of ribbon represents the best choice for your business will be determined by a variety of considerations - its intended application, the extent of your printing requirements, your available budget and so on. Here at Shop 4 Labels, we have an extensive collection of thermal labels and ribbons to suit all needs and all budgets across the board – each guaranteeing unrivalled value for money. If unsure as to what type of ribbon makes the best choice for your business, simply give the Shop 4 Labels customer service team a call and we will guide you through the available options.

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