Weather & Waterproof Labels

Our waterproof labels carry a BS adhesive type that means that they are manufactured to leading British Standards. These high performance waterproof labels have a specially formulated adhesive that has been extensively tested for a prolonged amount of time, under highly severe weather conditions, in order to prove that they are suitable for use in a waterproof context - even outdoors.

Polyester & Vinyl Labels & Stickers Which Are Waterproof

The vast majority of customers who buy water proof labels from our website use them with modern inkjet and laser printers which gives the end user complete flexibility to print out large quantities of weatherproof stickers at high speeds for any type of product they need to label.

Popular applications include the printing of liquid resistant stickers and labels for products such as soap, hand lotions and various cleaning products, which are often to be found in kitchens and bathrooms.

These high quality, self-adhesive weather proof stickers are also appropriate for garden centres and plant nurseries in circumstances where items such as plants, trees, shrubs and flower pots need to be labelled in such a manner that the labels themselves can easily withstand frequent watering or heavy showers when left outside in the rain.

Transparent Weatherproof Labels for Any Situation

Following popular request, we are now able to provide clear plastic labels with a completely see-through background finish.

Although our self-adhesive stickers and labels will always stay put firmly once applied, the labels themselves are provided with an easy peel, low tack adhesive that can be removed from the supplied backing sheet with minimal effort.

Affordable Vinyl Stickers and Clear Polyester Labels for Printing

If you are looking for a product that provides even more durability, our diverse range of transparent label and sticker products has recently been expanded further with a wide range of heavy duty vinyl stickers and polyethylene labels - offering improved performance for a few pence extra. These can be supplied in the form of PCL labelscircular and oval stickers that are provided on A4 Avery equivalent sheets.